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English Lessons with a Native Speaker

Scallywag Words English lessons are for young learners, teenagers, and adults.


Learning English at Scallywags works around a philosophy that reading and writing creatively in a target language develops language skills that can be adapted to any situation.

Language practice should be about developing a skill for life.

Learning a language shouldn't be about perfection but rather about freedom.


There are many words you could use to express yourself and a variety of beautiful accents and dialects.

Scallywag Words' English lessons focus on the many ways there are to speak and share views. Our English lessons develop spontaneity, a confident English-speaking voice, and allow you to have fun whilst learning.

English lessons are designed and facilitated by Alice.


Alice is a native speaker who grew up in the south of England and then lived in London for eight years. 


We read extracts from novels, poems, and articles, watch videos, listen to music, and work on reading and presenting out loud, as well as discussing everyday topics and situations.

Lessons are made specifically to meet your language goals (be that personal, professional, or academic).

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