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Creative Writing - Tea Breaks

Traditionally, a tea break is a time to rest and regain energy.


Creative writing with Alice, otherwise known as Tea Breaks, allows participants to do this too. Take a seat, go with the flow of the session, and let your mind wander while energy levels build.


- Tea Breaks hours are open to teenagers and adults.

- Sessions boost creativity and make you feel good.

- You receive prompts (poetry, literature, nonfiction, art, video, music) to respond to.

- Every session works around a theme. 

- You write, draw, and share ideas.

Tea Breaks stimulate creativity, explore a variety of art forms, and provide a safe space to create and recieve feedback.




Be guided through various writing practices. Share when you want and get feedback. 

Private Groups


15€ per person

Write with friends and build a writing community! Be guided through various writing practices. 

Work / Enrichment

- Any length of time.

- Tailored to your goals.

- Intended to boost creativity and bring teams closer together.

- For businesses, universities, or schools.

Tea Breaks writing workshops are available in person and online. Write together morning, afternoon, or evening. 
Make the creative time suit you.

Arts-based practices benefit productivity and well-being because they make us feel good!

Creative Tea Breaks allow you to check in with yourself and release emotional, creative energy.

Playing with words reminds us of their power and ability to affect us.

"The sessions are cozy, creative, informative, and mind-stimulating! There is a great amount of new ideas and ways of writing I'm now aware of, and I also became more confident in my hobby.

Everyone was able to express their opinion, but it was always analysed and commented upon by Alice. It doesn't bring anything if someone just agrees with you, however, when one addresses your idea by making their own statements, it really helps you to perceive concepts from an angle different than yours, which is very important and helps to grow and progress. I also liked the fact that the writing tasks actually brought up some nice ideas for new works - and were extremely revealing, in terms of one's subconscious."


Marina, 2022

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